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The Mistress of Harvington. Click here - instant download!


Second Chances

A holiday break is not all it seems as music producer, Katie, arrives in a remote Italian village looking for peace and quiet. As she tries to unravel the guilty secret of the villagers, she finds the golden voice she has been searching for throughout her career, but a wartime love story has a trick to play.

The Mistress of Harvington

The story of two families - a wealthy Indian family enjoying the success of their growing industrial business but still ill at ease with life in Britain and the sham of multi-culturalism, and an impoverished minor aristocratic English family clinging to a bygone age. Their lives - polar opposites - become intertwined through their children leading to dramatic political consequences.

You're A Bestseller

Use the power of Storytelling to promote yourself and your business.

Excerpt from You're A Bestseller
“Everything about you is being read by the people you meet or pass by in the street and they are making judgements about you and your business before you have said a word. Can you afford to ignore the message?”