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My Other Books

Second Chances

A holiday is not what it seems...

The Myth of UK Integration

A unique insight into racial tensions in the UK from the intensely personal view of the leading Agony Aunt to the Asian community.

A topical book which addresses key issues for our society, by Kailash Puri with Bob Whittington.

Javier de la Rosa
The Maverick and the KIO
Available on Amazon.co.uk
Bankrupt: The BCCI Fraud
"The financial scandal of the century". By Nick Kochan & Bob Whittington.
Available on Amazon.co.uk
Dirty Money
The inside story of the BCCI, the world's sleaziest bank. By Mark Potts, Nicholas Kochan and Robert Whittington.
Available on Amazon.co.uk
Off Duty: Volume 1
Edited and photographed by Bob Whittington.
Available on Amazon.co.uk