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My Recommendations

Here are some of my other recommendations:

Diplomatic Protocol

Diplomatic Protocol explores the etiquette of diplomacy, without which all efforts to negotiate would flounder. In a world of instant communications, and the growing informality and influence of social media, the rules of diplomatic exchange have never been more important.

Horse Welfare, Use Not Abuse

This book is dedicated to the protection of horses, ponies and donkeys from Pony Club to the glamorous world of international competition and racing, to the thousands toiling in harsh conditions in the developing world. The challenge is to fight abuse, neglect and ignorance.

Recycling our Future

Written by an industry authority and accessible to all, "Recycling our Future" provides an insight into a vital yet neglected industry and considers steps and solutions for effective global handling of waste in the future.

Change of Will

The glamour of Hollywood and the film world mixes uncomfortably with politics and religion. It is a conversation which will ultimately cost lives.

The Trader

It was a secret world where billions changed hands daily ‘off balance sheet’; even many bankers described the whole process as a myth. However, it was real...

The Making of India - The Untold Story of British Enterprise

The awe-inspiring endeavours and achievements of the heroic early British pioneers including individual projects of enterprise, audacity and adventure.

Woman: Acceptable Exploitation for Profit

This thought-provoking and challenging book highlights the wasted potential of women as a vital and untapped asset in the labour force of developing countries.

Noon, with a View

The revealing and totally frank autobiography of the man known universally as 'Noon', whose life has ranged from humble beginnings to honours and wealth, from international recognition as an entrepreneur and philanthropist to accusations of buying political favours.