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Writer in Residence

Would your life be easier if you had someone on tap who could write all those letters and speeches for you, someone who could liven up the brochure, sharpen up the website or draft the mailshot?

Whether you're a small business or an employer of thousands you have one thing in common – you have to communicate.

The problem is you feel all that writing is a distraction from the real work of running your company. You haven’t got time to write. You don’t even like writing.

That's the job of your Writer in Residence. Wherever you are you know that you have a professional writer on call who can deliver the words you need instantly.

You have no expensive overheads such as a large marketing department just a price for the job delivered when you need it.

Whatever your writing requirement, whatever the deadline, whatever the topic there is a Writer in Residence solution for you.

You run your business – I take care of the words.

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Case Studies

Client travelling overseas on business and hadn’t got time to write the Chairman’s address. Because I knew his business and his character I was able to deliver the words he needed in less than an hour by email.

Urgent requirement for an article to complete a brochure which was about to go to press. Armed with a handful of bullet points I was able to produce an article of exactly the right length to allow the brochure to be printed on time.

Client had a brilliant IT idea but he couldn’t put his ideas into words on his new website. There were time pressures as a new publicity campaign was scheduled. Website went live on time.

Client wanted help writing a book and additional help writing letters. A Writer in Residence package was agreed which resulted in the book being published on time as well as additional letters being produced as and when needed.